Lost and Found…

Right now I look at this blog and I feel lost. Before I had a variety of posts about homelife, happiness and my troubles. But mainly I had so many tales of my travels around Australia, Bali, New Zealand and even a few from when I was travelling on a cruise ship. And now, well it’s very empty.

Of course I want to fill it up with brand new posts. Losing my first blog means a fresh start. And a fresh start means I can create fresh content. But at the moment I am lacking direction. Before I had so many tales to tell as I was constantly moving around, exploring new things. I had so many adventures; often within the same day. And I have to admit, that even though I know I am at the right place for me right now… and sure, going back to University is one big adventure…. I just can’t seem to find the words to write about it. I can’t even seem to find the words to write about my past travels. There were so many tales I never got round to writing about. And so many I probably never will. But eventually I hope to find that balance between writing about what is happening with me now, and what happened to me when I was the person always seeking new places.

For now I can’t say life is very ‘exciting’, on paper at least. I’m learning to find a balance of being back in a world of studies and essay writing (trust me i’ve already adapted to the student habit of avoiding essay writing! What do you think I should be doing now?) alongside trying to find a balance of doing new things in a new place, whilst not spending too much money as I look for a part-time job… And if anyone from around Huddersfield is reading this and would like to offer me a job, do not hesitate to contact me! I’ve done a CV drop anyways, so cross your fingers that some income heads my way soon! Until then I need to focus on the simple things in life. Ok, so i’m not having a brand new travelling adventure everyday right now. But that doesn’t mean there are not other joys to channel…. I just need to work out my way of writing about them on here! To find my direction.

But I don’t want this post to be too negative, after all they are just the ramblings of a girl trying to settle into a new life. So here are five things I’m thankful for since I have moved up north:

  1. Being nearer to one of my brother’s – Cameron: He has been a god send since I have moved here. Helping me move in. Checking in on me. Being my chauffeur when I needed home things.  And including me in his life up here. So thank you Cameron.
  2. New friends: Especially A-Mahe who I met on enrollment day at Uni. Considering we are on very different courses, we somehow stumbled across each other and I think we (well I certainly did) found a lifebelt in each other at a time that there was an ocean of uncertainty. I’m very lucky to have found this gorgeous french friend to get me through the next year. Also a mention of Ana, Cameron’s girlfriend, who has also been amazing, including me in her life up here. Another friendship I plan to hold onto.
  3. Brunches: I love a brunch!! And so far I’ve had some wonderful ones up here. From the cheapest banquet at Wetherspoons, to Belgium baked breads in Leeds, and farm grown deliciousness at Bolster Moor Farm Coffee Shop… No wonder i’m running low on funds. But I just can’t turn a chance down.
  4. University Fitness Classes: To counteract all that munching and brunching I got a fitness class pass at the University. It’s great to break up the long weekend and studies with a couple of classes.. (I can’t do too many more as I often can’t walk for the couple of days after!) I am loving my Monday evening Kettlebell class. And Ana, Ep (Ana’s housemate) and I almost died by squats at a Gorgeous Glutes class! I also hope to try Pilate Barre soon.
  5. University itself: So in truth I’m finding University challenging. Getting back into studying is hard, especially as each class is of a brand new subject that I’ve never studied before. There is so much information I am trying to soak in, it is quite overwhelming. But I am so happy that I am giving it a go! And whilst the perfectionist in me desperately wants the best grade possible, I just have to remind myself that as long as I am learning the information that I can apply to a future career, then that is all I need and should be happy about. And so that is going to be my focus as I attempt to finally start to write my first academic essay in about 5 Years!

Do you ever find that you are lacking direction in either your life or blog? How have you found a way to focus? Charlotte

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