New Year Continuations…

For those of you who have previously followed my blog, i’m sure you noticed it’s disappearance for a fair while. Well… I made a bit of an error (a gigantic error!) when trying to sort out my hosting and lost EVERYTHING from when I first made it into my own blog as opposed to a free word press site. Yes, that is right… all of those travel posts and heart to hearts, vanished into a puff of nothingness. Devastated!

But alas, I can not mope around on what was forever. I’ve done it long enough now. So here I am again. Setting up a brand new blog. It will take some time to get the pages to how I want it again. But that is no excuse to not start some new posts!

And what better time to start but in the new year (albeit a slightly belated new year, but we haven’t reached half way through January just yet!) … Every year i try and make a New Years resolution, which normally turns into five New Years resolutions. And every year I fail nearly all of them because they probably were too much to achieve in one year in the first year, and I also knew i’d probably fail right from the start. So this year i’m making New Year Continuations:

New Year Continuations:
– Continue to strive to find joy in the little moments.
– Continue to travel to new places
– Continue to (/restart my) blog
– Continue to spend as much time with my friends and family
– Continue to try and spend less on things I really don’t need

I’m sure there are plenty more things I can continue, but that’s plenty for now!

As for fresh starts. This week I moved to Huddersfield as I am about to start a Masters at the University of Huddersfield! Going back to studies after such a huge break will definitely be a challenge, but i’m really looking forward to starting all over again. I’ll keep you all updated on how it is going throughout the year I am sure! But for now… Wish me luck!!

Until next time… What would be your New Year Continuations? I’d love to hear… Also now that i’m back what would you like to see/read about on here?

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